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 Love Takes Two

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PostSubject: Love Takes Two   Love Takes Two I_icon_minitimeSun 22 Mar 2009 - 11:05

Love Takes Two
Author - Black Roses
Pairing - Miia/lauri and Teija/pauli
Rating - Pg15
Summary - Miia is a 21yr old girl who searches for love and has been chatting to a guy online and Teija is looking for love too but will they find it?
A/N - I dont own Pauli or Lauri but i do own Miia and Teija.

Chapter One

Miia was sat at her laptop at her mate Teija's house and she signed into msn to see if Bird73 was online and to her happiness he was online so she right clicked on his name and sent a message

Angel80 - Hei see you are online how are you?
Bird73 - Hei yeah i'm online cause i wanted to chat with you
Angel80 - Aww you are so sweet x
Bird73 - Kiitos and i cant believe we have been chatting for 2yrs now online
Angel80 - Yeah and i've booked a trip for me and my friend Teija
Bird73 - Oh nice where are you both going to?
Angel80 - Going to Finland
Bird73 - Nice and i wanna meet up with you
Angel80 - Sure and u have a piccie of me that i sent you though
Bird73 - I do and i have even fallen in love with you as i told you before
Angel80 - You did yeah and i love you too and cant wait to meet you
Bird73 - Gotta go here as Aki needs me for game of truth or dare night love u xx
Angel80 - Night and enjoy yourself love you too xx

Miia signed out of msn and shut down her laptop and walked into Teija's kitchen where she found her best friend and Teija asked " hey you seem happy wanna share it?" and in response Miia said " you
know that we are going to finland and well Bird73 wants to meet me" and so Teija replies " wow mate maybe you will end up with him forever" After getting over the shock of discovering that Bird73
wants to meet her Miia decides to get her hair done and some new clothes for the trip over to Finland in 3 weeks time so she can finally meet Bird73 but what she didnt know that Bird73 was actually
Lauri from The Rasmus whom she liked listening to with Teija and their music had pulled Miia out of her hard times after her last relationship was abusive and found it hard to trust guys and one
night she was online she decided to join a website and she had a few chats with guys but the one that stood out was Bird73 so she thought " i'll speak to this person" so Miia started a convo with Bird73
and to her surprise they got on well and had a really good chat so she asked if he had msn to which he give Miia his msn addy which she saved so they spent a lot of their time on msn getting to know
each other. Three weeks later Miia and Teija head for the airport and get their stuff through customs and they get their passports ready to show for their flight to Helsinki Finland and after a 3 hour
flight they finally arrive in Finland airport and they pick up their stuff and start to walk out of the airport when Miaa bumps into a blonde haired green eyed guy and he says "sorry" to Miia and she
nods her head and the guy tells her " My name is Lauri what is yours?" and Miia responds " Hei Lauri I'm Miia and that is my friend Teija". Lauri then walks to his BMW M3 and he asks Miia " Do
you want a lift down into Helsinki with Teija? Miia replies to Lauri " yeah sure kiitos" and so Miia along with Teija head over to Lauri's car and put their stuff in the boot and Miia telles Teija " I'll
sit in the front and you sit in the back" Lauri seemed happy with that which meant he could find out more about his Angel80 without her knowing he was Bird73 from msn and Miia gets in his car
after Teija gets into the back of the BMW and Lauri asks " where are you girls staying?" and Teija shows Lauri a piece of paper with the address of the place that they will be staying at and then
Lauri suggests to Miia " You both could stay at my place which is just 20mins from Helsinki." and Miia told Lauri " yeah kiitos". Lauri drove to his place while having time with Miia which he was
enjoying and he loved her as she was his Angel80 but he wasnt ready to tell her that he was Bird73 until he found the right time but it would have to be soon as Teija said to Miia " we are only here
for 2weeks so you can find that guy and be happy" and Miia knew that Teija was right. Later that night Miia decided to go online in msn and chat more to Bird73

Angel80 - I've arrived in Finland earlier today with Teija
Bird73 - Great and i'm glad you are here in my hometown
Angel80 - We are staying with a guy called Lauri and he seems nice
Bird73 - Ok yeah and i'll meet you 2moz in the town centre
Angle80 - Sure cool meet you then
Bird73 - Ok and make sure Lauri is there to protect you
Angel80 - I'll do that dont worry xx night
Bird73 - Night sweetheart xx

Lauri softly knocks on Miia's door and she says " come in" so Lauri opens the door to find Miia shutting her laptop off and she sniffles and Lauri waks over to Miia and asks her "what's wrong?"and
Miia tells Lauri " i'm scared that Bird73 wont show up tomorrow in town to finally meet me face to face" and Lauri reaches out his hand to Miia and she takes it then Lauri pulls Miia up and wraps
his arms round her in comfort then Lauri leans into Miia and softly kisses her and Miia responded to Lauri's kiss which was intense and filled with both lust and passion then Lauri starts to lead Miia
over to her bed and Lauri asked Miia " do you wanna do this?" and Miia answered " yeah i do" so Miia slowly put her hands up Lauri's shirt to feel his chest while Lauri slid his fingers over Miia's
shoulders and Lauri started to pull Miia's top up over her head then chucked it down on the floor while Miia unbuttoned Lauri's shirt to reveal his toned chest which Miia liked so she started to kiss
his chest while Lauri closed his eyes in enjoyment. After 10mins Miia and Lauri were both under the duvet with their hands touching each other all over until Lauri asked Miia " is it ok if we go all
the way?" and Miia answered " of course it's ok to go all the way" so Miia and Lauri were kissing each other then Lauri reached into his wallet for a condom but Miia saw it then chucked it and
brought Lauri on top of her and said " i want this without protection" and Lauri agreed to do it without protection so Lauri knew in his heart this was the right thing to do as it cud be his only chance
to spend a night with Miia before revealing he was Bird73 which he planned to do tomorrow after being in the town centre with both Miia and Teija who was asleep in her room while Miia was with
Lauri havin unprotected sex for the first time together. Lauri went to his room afterwards but he gave Miia a beautiful kiss before leaving her to rest and get a good sleep as she was going to meet Bird73
tomorrow and Miia woke up the next day to find Teija in her room smiling at her and Miia sat up rubbed her eyes and said to Teija " hei sleep ok?" and Teija nodded her head and then said " i heard
Lauri in here last night" and Miia told Teija " he just came in to check on me" and after a couple of hours Lauri asks Miia " u wanna go into town and meet Bird73?" and Miia nodded so it was a nice
day so Lauri and Miia walked 20mins into the centre of Helsinki and Miia looked around but couldnt see Bird73 anywhere so Miia decided to leave but Lauri stopped Miia and said " I'm Bird73 and
i love you plus i didnt wanna scare you." and once Lauri had said it to Miia he realised his future was unclear and so Miia said to Lauri " u really are Bird73 oh my gosh!" and Lauri nodded so Miia
moved closer to Lauri and put her hand on his cheek then leant into Lauri and kissed him softly and whispered " i'm Angel80" and Lauri said to Miia " i know you are". Lauri takes Miia to the studio
and lets her see his work and his new song lyrics which he has called "No Fear" and Miia grabbed Lauri's hand and leant into kiss him softly. Lauri and Miia had been together three months when they
discovered that Miia was indeed pregnant with their first child and Teija was spending more time with Pauli and they decided to get together too but would take things slowly as they didnt wanna
rush things between them and they got the approval from Lauri and Miia who were expecting their first child in 6 months time and Lauri even got down on one knee and asked Miia to marry him and
Miia agreed. Lauri knew that his future was clear now with Miia and their unborn child who they were excited about meeting in 6months time.........

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Love Takes Two
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