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 Forum Rules - New users please read! (updated 22/1/09)

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Baby Blud Suicide
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Baby Blud Suicide

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Forum Rules - New users please read! (updated 22/1/09) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules - New users please read! (updated 22/1/09)   Forum Rules - New users please read! (updated 22/1/09) I_icon_minitimeThu 15 Jan 2009 - 14:31

These are the rules of this forum. Anyone found disobeying these rules will be dealt with.

We as a forum for The Rasmus are interested in the band and their music. If anyone posts topics/threads about the band members private lives THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY BE BANNED!

1. Admin and Mod word is law. We try to be fair to everyone, we give lee-way to everything we see fit. Rules are rules they must be obeyed!

2. Behave please! Harassment, racism, flooding, bullying or inappropriate behaviour towards othe users will result in the culprit being banned. If you want to report a serious problem please contact an admin and we shall deal with it.

3. Language. Please stick to english as much as possible. If you need translations we can only offer those that are available and willing to help, we can do no more. Also please do not use slang terms. They are very difficult to read and understand and many none British forumers will not understand.
There will be no swearing/offensive language on this forum in any international language! If you wish to post something like this please put stars (*) in place of letters. We have young people on this forum - remember their innocence!

4. Please stay within topic - if you want to chat about other things go to the General Chat thread or do so via PM, this enables everyone to be comfertable and also makes posts more easily understood and read.

5. Ask if you need help. Many forumers on here are friendly and if you need help ask them and they should help you. If you are not sure about anything PM an admin or mod and they will do so.

6. Pictures - Pictures will need to be in Jpeg format as this forum is not strong enough to support animations - they slow the forum down immensely. If you are not sure on what your picture format is then please use an external link eg - photobucket.

7. Avatars - will be no larger then 150pixels in width and 200pixels in height. The file size cannot be higher/bigger then 64KB. If you wish to link a bigger avatar from an external link then please do so. If you have questions about this then please PM an admin.

8. Signatures - There is a 500 character limit on all signatures. They shall be no larger 500 pixels long and 130 pixels high any problems PM an admin.

9. Please do not spam the forum - if you have problems knowing or understanding what or what not to post or open a new thread about PM a forumer or admin. One word answers in your posts are tedious. We do not mind them in one word games or every so often, but please try to keep to normal conversaton.

10. Banning - we, as admins, have a right to ban a member if we deem them innapropriate for this forum. We shall be fair in our decisions and come to agreements before taking action. If you break the rules once we will send you a polite PM asking for you to be more careful. If you continually break the rules we shall send you an offical warning via PM stating if you continue to do so you will be banned. If this does not work and you continue to break the rules, we shall permanently ban you from using this forum.

11. User Names - After much consideration and a few mishaps, the admins and mods have decided that new users must choose a username without any of the band members names in, for example - Lauri/Aki/Pauli/Eero, which includes their sur-names. You may however use the band members names in a non-singular username for example - LauriLover/AkiLover/EeroLover/PauliLover etc. Any user with a name not apporpriate to this rule will be given a warning via PM and a chance to change their username to a name of their choice. If neither admin or mod recieve a reply in the 24hrs of our PM being sent to you, we shall change your username immediately without your consent and give you your new username via e-mail.

12. The SAS area - We are on a forum programme that allows any users to access any area on this forum. Due to some misunderstandings we would like to point out that anyone and everyone is allowed in the SAS area as we are not liable to lock/keep any user out of that said area.
However the guidelines/rules of the SAS MUST be followed as well as these other rules :

1. There are users on this forum aged under 16. If we suspect any older forumer/user deliberately contacting a younger user in an inappropriate manner we will contact that younger user in question. If the younger user agrees we should take action as she/he is uncomfertable we will immdeiately contact the older user via PM and e-mail giving an official warning. If in one weeks time the older user has not contacted us back and ignores the warning continuing to harrass the younger user he/she will immediately be banned permanently from this forum without prior warning.

2. If a certain topic becomes, in our opinion, too much for the younger users, we will politely post asking for things to calm down and remind you of the younger users.
Please be aware we can only edit and delete posts in that area for the safety and innocence of younger users. However we will try to be leniant with what we delete/edit. If a younger user contacts and admin or mod complaining of certain things found in the SAS and what has been posted complies with the rules, we are not liable to edit/delete that post. We will then contact the younger user politely requesting that they do not enter that particular thread/topic again. If that younger user remains in that topic/thread we are not liable to do anything. However if that said younger user continues to complain about the content of the posts and the posts in question are not disobeying any rule, we will again contact that younger user with an official warning about behaviour.

3. If a younger user complains of certain content in posts/threads/topics in the SAS area and they do not comply with the rules, we are liable to delete said topic/post/thread and give the user disobeying the rules an offical warning.

4. If you see or suspect any of the above from anyone please contact an admin or mod immediately. Please do not try to sort this out yourself! We would like a happy forum, and fighting does not make a happy forum! Let us deal with situations like this, as they can become quite serious very quickly.

To report any abuse, misdeeds, comment on the forum itself, suggestions to help the forum or if you have any questions or troubles please contact your admins or mods

Your administrators are -

Black Roses
Baby Blud Suicide

Your Moderators are -

Black Roses


Thank you ^-^ and we hope you enjoy the forum and make many new friends!!!
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Forum Rules - New users please read! (updated 22/1/09)
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